Excel Plus 40

Installation and Supply Price: £72.00/m2

Supply only Price: £25.00/m2

  • Pile height: 40mm
  • Pet Friendly
  • Best Seller in 2020




Luxurious premium grass.
Looks great in any setting, especially with natural surrounds.
Our best seller in 2020.
Durable and pet friendly
Has that perfect natural lawn look and feel.


Pile height: 40mm
Gauge: 3/8inch
Stitches Rate: 18 stitches/10cm
Density: 18900 stitches/m2
Dtex: 12500
Material: PE
Straight Yarn Color: Esmerald & Dark Olive  BI-color
Curly Yarn: Dark Green + Light Green
Yarn Weight: 2.1 kgs/m2
Total Weight: 3.4 kgs/m2
First Backing: PP cloth + Non woven
Second Backing: SBR Latex


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