Do you send samples of artificial grass?
We provide free samples of our artificial grass in the post. Simply fill in the contact form and we will send you samples which are suitable for your needs.

How long will it last?
The products life varies on the quality of each product, as well as the country in which it is installed. The average lawn product in the UK will last around 10-15 years, if installed to our recommendation many have lasted way in excess of this period.

Does water drain through?
Yes 100% provided that the base is free draining. Products have perforation holes that conform to the minimum requirements for sports pitches.

How much maintenance does it involve?
Minimal. Keep clear of leaves, seeds and dirt by sweeping with a stiff brush regularly. Apply moss & weed killer once a year. For further information contact Planet Grass.

Does the grass have a directional pile?
All tufted and needle-punched products are slightly directional as are all textile products. Please take this into consideration when placing your order.

Can I use a barbeque on top of artificial grass?
No, if hot coals and debris fall on the artificial surface, it can melt causing damage and ruin its appearance and texture. So, to stay safe, it’s always best to keep the BBQ on the patio or another hard-wearing surface. Cigarette ash should also be kept away from the area.

Will the artificial grass fade?
All our artificial grass products are fully UV and colour stabilised. Depending on the product, they should last 10-15 years through normal use, during which time there will be some slight fading, which will be barely noticeable.

Will weeds grow on the artificial grass?
Weeds will not grow through the grass but seeds may settle in the pile if the Artificial Grass is not maintained/brushed. Please note that birds flying overhead can drop seeds which germinate. You should remove any weeds immediately to avoid seed dispersal. It is also advised that you treat the grass once a year with weed killer to prevent this.

With a lot of use will the grass matt or flatten?
No. Not for many years as long as installation instructions, maintenance guidance and correct usage are applied.

What is it like to walk on?
All Planet Grass artificial grasses vary in their feel, characteristics and appearance. Most provide a very natural texture that is similar to natural grass.

Will anything stain the grass?
No, within reason. Planet Grass Artificial Grasses are either polypropylene or polyethylene, which are forms of plastic. Stubborn marks will not therefore filtrate into the fibre but can be wiped clean with the use of hot water and household detergent (washing up liquid). We do not recommend any contact with bleach.

Can you park a car or vehicle on artificial turf?
This is not advisable. The constant driving on the grass will squash impressions into it permanently and by turning on it there is a high chance of ripping the fibres out of the mat. Not the best solution for a permanent driveway.

How realistic is it?
Very. Products like Excel Plus and Lawn Premier are extremely realistic, so much so that many people commonly mistake them for real grass.

What is the guarantee?
All our artificial grasses are guaranteed for 10 years. However, you will certainly get a life in excess of this period, as we have found out since first installing artificial grass since 2001.

Can weeds penetrate the grass?
No. Not unless they are extremely stubborn. The sun cannot see through the surface so this discourages growth. In order to prevent weeds, we use a special geotextile membrane to suppress weeds.

What maintenance is involved?
This varies on product, installation and application. Full details are available from Planet Grass if required.

Can I install artificial grass myself?
Yes. Laying artificial grass is easy. Many successful DIY installations take place each year. If you’re practically minded, you can install Planet Grass products yourself and achieve great, professional results. Our site gives you plenty of help and advice including a step by step ‘How to Guide’.

How do I measure my garden?
Take measurements across the longest and widest points of your area. You will then need to round these measurements up to the nearest metre. Then multiply the width by the length and this will give you your square meterage requirement.

I have a pet dog/cat, will urine or excrement be a problem?
Animal urine simply washes away in the rain while any excrement (poo) should simply be removed. Neither will cause any discoloration to the synthetic grass. Using artificial grass is popular in a dog run.

Is odor a problem?
If the artificial turf is clean, any smell should not be retained in the grass. On occasions, it may be necessary to use cleaning products. Contact Planet Grass for more info & prices for professional cleaning options. We have maintenance plans in place for example we can attend to power wash and spray the grass with anti-bacterial fragrance to freshen the area.

How does an artificial lawn stand up against moles?
Moles do not like an artificial lawn and will not normally dig under it. Moles are attracted by food that they would normally find in top soil, the base of an artificial lawn isn’t the ideal environment for these food sources and so moles are rarely a problem.